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Kevin McMullin is a storyteller and author who lives in Northwestern Wisconsin. His book, “Into the Black Sea: Stories of Darkness and Light” is available at his website,

Dark Thanks

It can be astoundingly hard to remember to be grateful. I’m not sure what to blame it on. I don’t […]

Goodbye My Honey

A few years before the birth of Napoleon an unknown violin maker in the Bavarian town of Mittenwald, finished work […]

Dark Matter

The careening cosmos, physicists tell us, is just stuffed with dark matter. Well…, duh. Apparently there’s not enough regular matter […]

No Moving Forward

Grief is something that, culturally, we don’t seem to have much patience for.


“The lucky
Among us
Will lose
A forest of friends
Before it’s over”

The Plausibility of the Impossible

April 1st, is a storyteller’s favorite holiday. To be sure, storytellers are always happy to make up wild tales out […]